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Banking Details

Birdswood Secondary School

Acc Name: Nedbank

Branch Code: 130230

Acc No: 1014539641

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The Admission Process

Grade 8 Admissions Applications for 2025 will open on the 20th of April 2024.

We do encourage prospective parents to fill in the application form and send it as soon as possible.

You have several options to apply for your child:

  1. Online application: The online application gives parents the opportunity to apply online for admission for their children. The completed online application form will be sent to the Admissions Secretary in order for the School to consider your child for admission to Birdswood Secondary School. Our online application will be open on Saturday 20 April 2024.

  2. Collect a hard copy from the School. Grade 8 Applications forms will be distributed to parents . (Date: 20 April 2024 @9h00 - 11:00 am)

Please note, space is limited. 

BEFORE YOU PROCEED with the Online Application form:

  • You will need a valid email address and personal information such as ID numbers, addresses, and contact numbers for the parents/guardians.

  • The following documents are required. Please make sure that these are already scanned and ready to upload. (There is no time to scan these while you are completing the application, as your session may time-out and you would have to restart the process.)

  • Please only upload the document requested under each heading.

1)  Learner’s report:

2) A copy of the Learner’s unabridged (full) birth certificate. This reflects the names and ID numbers of both parents. If you do not have the new (unabridged) certificate, you may submit the old (abridged) certificate in the meantime. However, you must apply for the unabridged birth certificate from the Department of Home Affairs and send us proof of application (i.e. a copy of the receipt). Please ensure that you send us the new unabridged certificate before the Learner starts at Birdswood, as no learner may be admitted without this.

3) A copy of both Parents’/Guardians’ identity documents (ID). 

4) Recent proof of residence. A utility bill, or a lease agreement.

5) Fee Clearance Certificate

6) Recepeit of Online Administration Fee of R70 (Not Refundable)

7) Affidavit if Applicable

NOTE: The Online Application Form will not be dealt with until the administration fee of R70 is paid and all the relevant supporting documents have been submitted. The payment of the Administration Fee is to cover the costs of processing the application only.

The School reserves the right to institute legal action against parents who may well submit fraudulent information on, or with this application.

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